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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Talent: That's what makes you measure up against your competitors

Here is the challenge... HR professionals are often said to be conservative. So you have two ways to please them. Either you offer them:
    Clones of the transactional tools they have used for ever and complained about for just as long ... and make replaceable by computer systems that will "fill positions" with replaceable hires; or 
    A humane recruiting platform that is so disruptive that it eliminates all their complains, showcases their relational skills, their leadership and perceptiveness... and makes them invaluable at finding pearls even for simple tasks.
TalentCircles is the perfect illustration of the latter. We power a culture of people. Talent is what transpires when you interact with human beings, not something that anyone can hardcode in skills that thousands of candidates may have.
When you recruit for your small or mid-sized business, you want to find talent, i.e. people who are more than nine-to-fivers." You want to bring into your company individuals with the extra touch of soul that augments the dynamics of your team. That's why smaller businesses often proportionally accomplish more and in a shorter timeframe than larger organizations and achieve high visibility without spending fortunes in hackneyed marketing messages. 

A talent is originally a unit of measurement. That's true today too. It's what makes you measure up against your competitor and  has always enabled the Davids to defeat the Goliaths.

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