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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Talent Networks and the Staffing Industry


Love it or hate it, technology is now a fundamental part of the staffing industry. With omnipresent social media, it is now easier than ever for candidates and hiring-decision makers to connect directly with each other.  With myriad Talent Network and CRM technologies available, it's additionally easier than ever to manage, maintain relationships and place candidates to your best matching position.  So, if you want to stay not only relevant but integral to the job placement needs of candidates and businesses, it’s a necessity to embrace some of the many technology platforms available.

One of the most significant sourcing tools you should be focusing on is a talent network.  Talent networks are similar to what we used to call the talent pipeline or bench. Only now, there are electronic options for collecting and maintaining endless amounts of data. Everything from candidates’ specific skills sets and projects they’ve worked on to clients’ detailed job placement needs and the types of individuals who fit best with their particular corporate culture.

Within the next week, we will be releasing a new white paper that pinpoints key changes to the long-standing staffing model. This will include explaining how staffing firms that integrate emerging talent pool technology can improve their performance and make their services more attractive to candidates, as well as increase the loyalty of temporary and contract employees.

For more information, keep an eye out for our upcoming white paper, Staffing Firms and Talent Pools: The Time Has Come to Sink or Swim.  Visit our website at www.talentcircles.com and contact us at sales@TalentCircles.com.

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