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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recruiting Relief for Career Services and Employers

College campuses are, obviously, prime territory for employee recruitment. But the popularity of campus recruiting can put a real drain on career services resources. Employers want all the help they can get to be both visible and inviting to current students as well as alumni. So they turn to career services departments to assist with innovative ways to attract talent, and help with setting up programs like on-campus workshops, information sessions and meet-and-greets. With everyone wanting treatment that puts them front and center, and sets them apart from everyone else, career services offices are feeling spread pretty thin.

Roger Woolsey, Senior Assistant Dean and Director of the Center for Professional Development at Dartmouth College, explains, With accelerated recruiting taking place on college campuses, career development offices struggle to meet demand from employers. Notably, employers want as much interface with students as possible, which contributes to the resource drain. He goes on to point out, however, that there are very effective solutions, like those he gets from working with TalentCircles, that provide relief for both employers and career development offices. Woolsey says, “TalentCircles provides employers a recruiting platform that not only addresses affordability to recruit on college campuses, but also allows for continuing interaction with college students. Alumni and parent employers can now create brand recognition and actually recruit students from remote locations around the world, enhancing the value add to everyone involved. Opening up TalentCircles to recruiters relieves resource drain by giving employers and students ongoing opportunities to engage and share information freely.” 

In addition to the goal of getting students and alumni interested in their companies, employers are also looking for ways to ensure potential recruits have the skills and abilities they deem valuable for succeeding with the company. Woolsey says, “TalentCircle’s flexible platform allows employers and alumni to facilitate education on specific skills and abilities, and provides opportunities to mentor and conduct webinars as often as needed without over regulating from college and university career development offices.

College career services offices can be an invaluable resource for students, alumni and employers alike. Students get help with career exploration and preparation, while employers get access to individuals who could very well turn out to be some of their top talent. Of course, there are no guarantees that students will pick the perfect career or recruiters will always find the perfect employees, but getting as much clarity as possible about the options goes a long way in alleviating the stress associated with the unknown. “Career development is all about reducing as much uncertainty as possible,” concludes Woolsey. “To do so, we need to increase overall engagement with all stakeholders. TalentCircles empowers our students to match their profiles with industry experts, request a virtual chat or meeting and to easily apply for positions. TalentCircles is a game-changer in an area where there is so much demand on the use of technology to mentor and recruit college students.

Even with technology being such a prominent part of what makes TalentCircles so effective, relationship building is still at the heart of a successful recruiting program. Susan Magrino, President and CEO of TalentCircles, shares, “The ability to balance the speed and ease of technology with the power to build and maintain solid relationships is what makes recruiting work. I am so pleased that we have been able to build this relationship with Roger Woolsey and Dartmouth, and have, in turn, helped them create DartmouthCircles to build lasting connections between students, alumni and employers.”

For more information about how TalentCircles can bring some relief to your recruiting responsibilities, please contact us at 415-835-0202 or via email sales@talentcircles.com.

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