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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Design Your Perfect Talent Community

Successful recruiting is difficult. If you want to do the job right, a good deal of work needs to go into the process. But that doesn’t mean you need to do all the work yourself. And it doesn’t mean there is only one way to do it.

At TalentCircles we realize that while we all have similar goals when it comes to recruiting—like hiring the best talent in the shortest amount of time—we don’t all need the same exact methods or amount of help to get us to that goal.

That’s why we’re focusing today’s blog post on our TalentCommunity platform: a complete talent acquisition & recruiting solution that is configurable based on individual need.

With this new modular format, we can provide you with all the tools you need to engage and screen your candidates, as well as capture and manage all their data—but you have control over designing your own community by using only the modules you want.

So, whether you are just getting started and need to build a new, diverse and information-rich talent community, or you have a legacy Applicant Tracking System that you want to be more robust and effective, TalentCircles can help. And with our open architecture, integration with any of your existing software is effortless. Our wide range of features syncs all of your talent acquisition and recruiting tools together onto one single platform to help you build your perfect talent community. One where you’re able to combine the ease of automation with the ability to build and maintain real relationships with all of your job candidates.

With this new configurable model, you can add any or all of the following modules to your TalentCommunity:

It’s all about responsiveness. TalentCircles helps you welcome candidates, grow your talent network and hire the best talent. With our Engage module we do more than get your jobs and branding noticed by job seekers. We combine the ease of automation with the ability to interact and build real relationships through the use of tools like:
·       Videos
·       Blogs
·       Meetings
·       Social sharing
·       Messaging
·       Automated email campaigns
·       Video resumes
·       Questionnaires
·       Diversity circles
·       Semantic job matching

By effectively utilizing the screening capabilities of our TalentCommunity platform, you can easily identify your best candidates and fill open positions quickly. Provide candidates with questionnaires or specific problems and score answers to rank candidates. You can also use video chat and hold online meetings that can be recorded so you can share everything with your team. This is a great way to quickly evaluate your talent pool and reduce hiring time.
Convert website visitors and job fair attendees into real candidates in less than a minute with our new and improved TalentCatch. With the touch of a button, you can import data into your talent network to begin the engagement process that will encourage candidates to register in your talent network with a complete profile and stay connected. Socially sharing all of your stories, job postings, webinars, and questionnaires will attract even more people and enable you to build a deep talent pool in no time at all.

We all know the importance of data for making the best decisions. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when using a variety of systems that don’t talk to each other. TalentCircles offers you one private, convenient place where you can manage all your people and every facet of your talent community. Use our Manage module for everything from importing and forwarding resumes to developing online reporting suites and accessing custom data feeds and analysis. Everything you need, from candidate history to the potential job offer can be managed with just a point and click.
Let our TalentCommunity help you build your perfect talent community. To find out how, contact us at 415-835-0202 or sales@talentcircles.com.

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