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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TalentCatch: Increase your leads by 300% versus a vanity URL!

By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis

At NACE, Jenn Terry, the Director-Staffing Strategic Initiatives at AT&T and Becky Parson, Sr. Project Manager University Relations discussed Mobile Career Fair Engagement, responding to an interesting question: How do we recruit at an event if we can’t collect paper resumes to ensure full OFCCP compliance? Should you spend fortunes in brochures? Yet, money will never be enough to respond to this question: How do we make the most of our face-to-face events while staying compliant?

High efficiency at your fingertips
AT&T has adopted a proactive mobile approach with TalentCatch, an iPad app created by TalentCircles. TalentCatch allows AT&T to sign up candidates on the fly.

Carrie Corbin, the Associate Director - Strategic Staffing & Talent Attraction at AT&T used it at SXSW on the AT&T booth to attract candidates. At NACE, Jenn and Becky invited the attendees of the room where they were speaking to sign up. Instant success of their engagement offer: nearly one hundred names within the hour. That simple! Subsequently, nobody was to be surprised to hear about their results over time:

It's no wonder that the AT&T approach has been hailed so frequently over the last few months. Productivity pays off! The best buzz always comes from tangible results. Productivity pays off!

Why not you?
A fully branded TalentCatch app with custom fields can be yours in one day. No learning curve. So you can be up and running overnight.

You start an event. New applicants enter standard fields (First name, Last name, Email, ZIP, Phone, Mobile) as well as any custom fields that you decide to include (job category, desired position, availability, etc.). We are speaking of less than one minute per applicant here.

TalentCircles stores the applicants locally and syncs the data with the Talent Network server (and TalentCircles). But you can also operate offline and send all the data later. If you don’t have a Talent Network, you can export your applicant data as a simple Excel spreadsheet, and continue the conversation with applicants by email.

Relationship-based hiring starts here! No business card. No resumes. Just an in-person contact stored in a friendly and easy-to-use iPad app that bears your colors!

For more information, you can contact Sean Sheppard! sean@talentcircles.com