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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Build an Employer & Personal Brand with the Share Economy

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

Knowledge and Information is Power in the Share Economy

Back before the Internet, information was power.   Knowledge and information was hoarded and dispersed in small quantities in the early days through oral storytelling and much later Benjamin Franklin and the use of the printing press. I think back to 2006 before the Internet and social media was king.  Information and knowledge was hoarded not shared especially in HR and Recruiting.  I spent hours piece milling and researching recruiting tools and sources to hire, source, and engage on.  Forums and chat rooms like ERE and HR Talk were places I frequented asking questions, establishing relationships, and learning about the industry.  Trying to break into this industry was tough and best practices and sourcing secrets were not shared as they provided a competitive advantage certainly not on a blog, webinar, white paper, or free online resource.  All that is no more with the Share Economy

How to Leverage Talent Pipelines with Influence

With technology and accessibility of mobile, the Internet for individuals at work, life, and school the knowledge model has been flipped on its head.  The share economy now drives influence, power, and success starting with the Internet and now moving toward the world of social media.  Companies can leverage the share economy and the talent pipeline through building talent networks and growing their employer brand. 

Long Term ROI with Relationship Marketing in Recruitment Strategies

With the share economy, he or she who has the biggest network wins and provides the greatest value to your community or sphere of influence.  The Share Economy drives candidates, employee engagement, talent networks and more importantly relationships for the long term.  That’s what makes the Share Economy so important.  It’s a long-term play that helps build influence, relationships, and drive the industry or your area of expertise through information, news, and great conversation. It’s a long-term recruitment strategy play that requires focus, patience, and experience to make it happen.
What are some ways you are using the Share Economy to build relationships in HR, Recruiting, or engaging job seekers to build your employment brand?  I’d love for you to weigh in the comments.  
Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media.  She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs


  1. Great post Jessica. Employer brand is something we strongly focus on at Vidcruiter and is even something we help our clients build.

    First off, we offer an applicant tracking system with video capabilities that helps communicate a company's culture and therefore attracts candidates that fit that culture.

    Secondly, we offer video interviewing software that allows a pleasant experience not only for the recruiter but for the candidate as well. Both parties have the liberty to watch/conduct the interview on their own time and this way is much more engaging than phone interviews.

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