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Friday, November 1, 2013

4 Ways to Add Content Marketing to Your Employment Branding Campaign

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

Building on our earlier blog post of the digital story, we will explain 4 different ways to add content marketing and design associated strategies with your current employment branding efforts. Most HR professionals don’t think of them as content marketers, but in reality HR is the new marketing. Employers are scouring the Internet to find and source the best candidates available and in order to accomplish this task they must have a strong employer brand. You’re no longer just throwing out a job listing on a board and hoping people will flock to your company; now it’s essential to sell your company to recruit top talent.

Here are four ways that HR can add content marketing to their employer brand:

Custom content for individual positions: Add value to your job postings by customizing the type of the content you place on each page. This means optimizing each listing so that when job seekers are searching they don’t get frustrating with keyword stuffing techniques or postings that say “Marketing Associate” when they’re really sales positions. Each page should be uniquely tailored to fit the exact job responsibilities and description of the job itself. This’ll give you better metrics on those who visit the page compared to those who apply.

Press releases to tap into mainstream media efforts: Most companies don’t think of press releases as a method of getting news out about current job opportunities or career sites, but Chase did. They took advantage of a network of publishers to get the news out about their new career site. When a company launches their new career site with newer features it’s important to get the word out. Send a press release or submit a blog to a popular site in HR about what you’re currently doing. Start up the buzz both organically and paid. The type of feedback you’ll get will be extremely successful in the first few months of launching.

Ebooks and resources for targeted job seekers to grow your pipeline: It’s not that job seekers want free advice, but they want to feel like you care about them finding a job. Even if your company doesn’t have a fit for the candidate right away keep them by providing them with free resources. By keeping these job seekers interested you’ll be able to maintain a successful pipeline of candidates for when you expand or new positions open up. Don’t look at these resources like you’re wasting your time and money, but its money you don’t have to spend sourcing new candidates.

Online webinars presenting: Webinars have become quite popular in the HR space. Vendors are spending tens of thousands of dollars each month on utilizing the power of a webinar. From this you’re able to show what you know about HR and popular trends in the space. Becoming a knowledge leader in the space will do wonders when looking for new candidates. I’ve seen a lot of companies present webinars and find candidates through their interested in what that company is doing. Spreading the news about your product or service will enable you to track and source candidates effectively without having to look very far.

In what ways has your HR department used content marketing to recruit top tiered candidates?

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs

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