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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The New Social Job Referral Starts with Great Content Marketing

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

Last week, we discussed the power of digital storytelling introducing the importance of content marketing. Just like consumer marketing, the power of reach, resonance and influence is not in the power of the job distribution itself, it’s in the success of another word, the referral.

Candidate and job referrals have been a staple in the recruiting and hiring process since the dawn of employment. Our word of mouth and job advertising tactics can only do so much, which is where the social referral comes in. The social referral is a powerful tool especially with the advent of social media but the referral only goes so far. Its lifespan is short until you add in another powerful element content marketing.

Great content marketing, blog posts, video, photographs and other mostly online mediums helps elevate and extend the power of your social job posting and opening especially when there isn’t a specific job posting to promote, just a category or an evergreen position allowing you, your recruiters and especially your job seekers to share, promote and recommend your company and the job regardless of if you are hiring right now or sometime in the future.

The cornerstone of great marketing isn’t how big and flashy you make a campaign, but the content you develop. Job seekers have one goal in mind when they visit your career site and that is to get hired. Without great content job seekers will fly by your site (and if they’re wanting a job in the same field, they might even go to a competitor of yours). When taking a look at the different moving parts of your career site what they all must have in common is great content.

Here are three top moving parts of a career site that must have great content marketing in order to be successful:

Video: Most good career sites now contain some type of video marketing to persuade a candidate that their company culture, benefits, or overall company is the best. When developing a video you not only need to catch the job seekers attention, but you must have great content marketing in order to persuade them to hit that “apply now” button.

Social Integration: A good career site will let the candidate apply for a job in the quickest fashion possible. Not because you want them to apply and move onto the next job, but because the overall candidate experience is determined by not only finding a job that fits your specific needs, but the ease of applying. Consider social integration as a major content piece for your careers page. Allow candidates to apply for jobs by connecting their LinkedIn account is the future, if not already the present.

Job Matching: You might not consider this a big part of content marketing, but it really is. Take a look at all the content that is displayed for a job seekers to see and become intrigued with your company – matching them up with the perfect job is content marketing at its finest. Searching for a job that a candidate might be qualified for should be super easy. Make sure your search process is brining back significant results and not just sending back junk to candidates.

How is the content on your career site taking referrals and making them employees?

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs

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