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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Google Glass is Changing the Candidate Experience and Job Search (Part 2)

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

This is a three part series that evaluates how new consumer technologies like Google Glass are changing the expectations of the workplace particularly the job search into what the author calls the “Performance of Now.” Click here for part one.

Having been a beta tester of the controversial, Google Glass, it’s been exciting product testing one of the most loved, hated and feared new technologies of 2013. It’s the most talked about and transformative technology that you haven’t ever used because there are 12,000 individuals part of the Google Glass Explorer Program. How can a product that only a very small percentage of the population have access to be transforming how we engage and absorb information through technology?

While I’m not here to debate whether or not Google Glass will be adopted by the consumer mainstream, I see the future of how we engage and use technology to get what we want whether it’s news, information or access that’s customized, quick and available easily. I call this phenomenon the Performance of Now. It’s the expectation of having access to “things” like resources, products, services and information immediately. Google Glass demonstrates this expectation as I now have the world at my fingertips without lifting a finger literally.

As consumers, technology has afforded us access to products quicker through things like next day shipping or software downloads completed online. We don’t like want but now expect answers to the questions we seek in real time. And this new trend facilitated by technology like Glass makes 45 minutes to complete an online application to receive only confirmation response seem so 1999.

With the performance of now, the candidate experience starts weeks, months or even years before the interested job seeker applies for a job opening. Companies must anticipate the needs of job seekers by providing quality content, conversations, engagement and resources planning for the long-term job seeker in mind.

Real time conversations across platforms as candidates ask questions through social media, website chat boxes and company talent networks before as well as after the application process begins and ends.

Value based content and resources in the form of blog posts, eBooks, YouTube channels. Companies need to anticipate the questions candidates will ask to remain engaged and relevant like salary resource guides for ruby developers in San Francisco and realistic job preview interactive videos for hotel front desk clerks in New York City. The goal is to engage a specific and very targeted audiences through information as they go about their daily lives and before they become an active job seeker.

Ongoing follow up and relationships regardless of the job. Candidates are expecting experiences that mirror consumer ones meaning that companies who balance personality and resources with quality ongoing engagements, will make a lasting impression that can re-engage with alumni and boomerang employees.

Candidate experience in a pure form. Following a similar path of business to consumer companies like Applebee’s where they field customer questions asking for consumer Vines, videos and tweets to fuel future content topics, candidate experiences and company benefits. Your future candidate pool is your new focus group and suggestion box but for job seekers and not just exclusively customers or employees.

The Performance of Now channels engagement, experience and context all in one. Products like Google Glass create an experience for the user who is investing their valuable time and money in being part of something exciting. Even if the product doesn’t go beyond the explore program, Glass is providing businesses, recruiters and employers about the expectations of their future candidates from the perspective as a consumer combined with technology.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs

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