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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Power of Curation in Employment Branding (PART 1)

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

In this two part series, we’ll talk about the importance of content curation and why doing it will make or break your content strategy. This first post is more about tips on content curation and the benefits. In part two we’ll talk about the strategy behind content curation for businesses.

Engaging with job seekers on social media is a mix of engagement messages, content curation and customer service tweets. It’s difficult to rise above the level of noise on social media and really focus on the value that you bring the job seeker community. You’re more than just an employer. You are a valuable resource that provides news, insights and information to the entire job seeker community.

Content curation at its core is one of the most important functions of social media. You want your employer brand to be seen as valuable, insightful and a source of important information that your target audience needs. Content curation is more than just auto posting content and sharing insightful quotes, it involves understanding the information that your target job seeker community needs.

Content curation is more than just tweeting and RTing insightful blog posts from Forbes and other media outlets. It serves as a great source of content development for your YouTube channel, TalentCircles talent network, and the blog posts you may select for your talent network. Learning to curate appropriate content and share with your community is just as important as writing relevant, insightful blogs. We’ve come up with three ways to share and curate content with your community below:

Don’t try and do it manually
The most important piece of information is to not curate content manually. On Wordpress alone, over 41 million blogs are being published daily. If you take that, plus the amount of news articles, both online and offline, we’re looking at over 70 to 80 million articles, blogs, and news stories that go live each day. Finding the best and most relevant on your own makes for a hundred hour week alone.

Use tools like Scoop.it and Storyfy to not only find relevant content, but to share it across your personal and professional networks. After you’ve found these stories, go back and share your favorite with job seekers in your talent community.

Focus your content sharing
It’s likely that within your talent community you’re going to have several candidates with different skill sets and types of jobs in mind. Since your audience is job seekers, focus on that aspect and share content within that area. The content shared needs to be clickable content and focusing on either too broad or too specific will not get you the desired results.

Nielsen put out a report in 2011 stating that 70% of people will only ever click on one topical category, so it’s important to choose your topic carefully based on your audience.

Be consistent
Consistency in all branding and marketing efforts is important. Sharing regularly and frequently gives you visibility and strengthens your brand. Consistency in the version of how frequent you post, but the quality of content is also extremely important. Make sure you don’t post super high-end quality one week and then lower the next. Start strong and stay consistent throughout the entire process. It takes time, but it’s necessary.

Content curation is a practice that has been used since content marketing became popular, but most people aren’t consistent nor do they focus on the right type of content to share to get the most out of their content curation strategy. These first three aspects will help jumpstart your strategy so that you may focus on providing relevant information to your job seekers within your talent community.

Do you curate content on a regular basis? What’s your best tip to give beginners?

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s is the Chief Blogger & Founder of Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @jmillermerrell


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