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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Measure and Understand Your Source of Hire

The source of hire is an important one, and also one that is extremely hard to define for those that believe that a single engagement with a candidate does not often lead to an application for employment by a job seeker. The sources that lead to hiring candidates are some of the most important metrics and analytics recruiters can leverage to build their recruiting strategies.

Source of hire is defined as the point of origin that leads to a candidate completing an application for employment that ultimately leads to them being hired and working as an employee of a company. Your source of hire is the recruitment equivalent of what programmers and the technical community call a source code. It’s the foundational code or programming language that is written to create the framework for your website or technology.

Like source of hire, source code if not written correctly can set the stage for a series of ongoing technical headaches and issues for not only your engineers and programmers but the users of your technology. Sometimes your source code is elusive and is hidden behind excessive script codes, code manipulation and hidden content. In the recruiting and hiring industry, I call this the human touch cycle. In that the last engagement with a candidate who you ultimately hire is not often actually your source of hire, but it is the only one you can directly link to the hiring activity.

The human touch cycle refers to the number of brand touches between the candidate and the recruiting team. Without HR technologies that use cookies to capture website visits and information, it is extremely hard to determine the number of touches it takes to convert a candidate. It is nearly impossible to determine the original interaction that drove the candidate to consider your company for its employment opportunities.

This simple fact is the reason why we rely on the last activity that closes the deal and converts the candidate. It is the easiest and most direct activity to measure when hiring. It is extremely hard to measure the date, time and point of origin where the first contact occurred because it often occurs over long periods of time and using a variety of different websites, engagements and in person activities.

Outside of measuring the last touch that ultimately leads to the candidate conversion, recruiting teams can also conduct extensive research with their own candidate pools and recent hires to understand the activities and frequency that lead to the final candidate conversion activity. Doing so lends to more targeting messaging and strategic recruitment activities that ultimately save your recruiting team time as well as money.

A little work, time and effort up front can provide a positive return on investment and lead to better retention and a higher conversion with future candidates.


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