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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sourcing in Recruitment is Only Half the Battle

The explosion of social media redefined the way we source, recruit and hire candidates. Through social media the ability to engage companies and products, gave rise to the expectation that candidates should connect with recruiting teams directly. And with this increase in social media activity, the human capital industry saw an increase in internet research what is also referred to as online sourcing.

Sourcing is the act of researching for passive qualified candidates within social networks, forums, online databases and communities. These source candidates are then qualified and passed onto a recruiter for a specific open job requisition at a company.

The process is repeated with the same result. Potentially thousands of sourced passive candidates are effectively caught and released back into the mainstream talent pool by a single sourcer at your company. The sourcing activities continue as the immediate need for qualified candidates is great at your organization. Your sourcing team continues researching and combing the internet for talent, and the cycle never ends. Did I mention that the definition of insanity is the process of repeating the same action over and over and over again?

Simply sourcing for talent using a catch and release strategy is a recipe for recruitment insanity.

That’s because sourcing in recruitment is only half the story. Recruitment teams need to focus on mentoring, relationships and engaging those candidates. There should be no candidate release when a qualified passive job seeker is identified sourced for your company. Instead of capture and release, recruiting teams must employ and capture and engage strategy. Capture and engage is a strategy that compliments and enhances your current sourcing and research efforts but is focused on your organization’s long term talent needs.

Sourcing is just one important piece of your recruitment strategy. Building relationships, engaging job seekers who exhibit an interest but might not yet have the skill or experience level for a current open position, is not a reason to turn your back on them. This is an opportunity to establish a relationship and help mentor candidates for future job positions by leveraging your talent community.

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