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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Ways to Keep Candidate Data Fresh

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By Jessica Miller-Merrell
In order to keep up with the job seeker you must make sure the information you have is always up to date and fresh. Outdated information can easily have a significant effect on your decision to hire a certain prospect. Working together and in a talent community will allow recruiters and job seekers to keep a tight reign on the amount of information that is outdated. Here are a few tips for companies that are looking to sharpen their skills in pulling newer, fresh content to make the best hire.

By-Directional Engagement. If you’ve done a good job at building your community and the interactions between recruiters and candidates just talk to them! The easiest way to update outdated and stale information is to ask a candidate to update their profile. If a job seeker is active they will always make sure that all their information in your ATS or CRM is 100% up to date and accurate. Asking for this information shouldn’t be done on a monthly basis, but quarterly would be more appropriate as job skills & experience are updated every so often.

Recruiter Engagement. In a successful Talent Network recruiters will be engagement with suspects and prospects throughout the entire process. Asking how they’re doing at home, updating them on career opportunities, and even discussing sports or current events. When recruiters become personal with candidates it allows them to garner information that the candidate might not put out there on their resume or in their profile. This allows the recruiter to tag certain candidates and categorize them that fits their needs.

If a candidate expresses that they are looking for a 50/50 work/home situation, recruiters are able to put them in a specific category that alerts them when a job to their liking becomes available. Interacting with those in a talent community allow recruiters to build a better culture fit for candidates interested in applying with their company. In doing so, a candidate’s wants and needs are always kept up to date and the data in your system keeps fresh.

Data Aggregation. Compiling several hundreds of GBs worth of data is important to find the best fit for a specific job. Using different social technologies to pull data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are essential practices for keeping your data fresh. A candidate is more likely to update their LinkedIn when they add new certifications or specific accolades before they would re-upload their resume into a talent community. Being able to pull data when it becomes relevant will keep everything up to date. A candidate that wasn’t hirable 3 months ago based on a resume they uploaded, but not they are because of new certifications is important. Being able to pull this data from other sources is critical to keep fresh.

Analytics. The last piece of information to keep things fresh is marketing analytics. Have you sent them emails that they have responded to better than others? Do they click on certain things in blogs or on your website? Pulling analytics on a candidate’s history will allow some deeper insight into where they go and why they go there. This will help you gain a deeper level of understand into what your candidate is doing online and their purpose for being in your community.

More employers are actively recruiting employees from other companies. Almost 20 percent of employees in the survey reported having been approached by a potential employer in 2012 even though they hadn’t applied for a job at that company.

Enacting different practices to keep information fresh can be time consuming, but the downfall of outdated information is recruiting less strategically. Each company wants the brightest talent for their organization and those who get to them early might have a better shot at having them sign on the dotted line. Don’t take shortcuts when finding perfect talent because they will save you in the long run.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs

Join us for a HCI webinar sponsored by Talent Circles on 3/6 at 12 PM EST "How to Build a Strategic Candidate Pipeline." Register here. 

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