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Thursday, October 3, 2013

6 Recruiting and Employment Technology Trends #HRTechConf

By Jessica Miller-Merrell
With the human resources technology conference just a few short days from beginning, I’m excited to attend the conference to learn, enjoy and talk all about technology and it’s future in the human capital industry. Technology plays an essential part of our daily life from brewing a cup of coffee to driving to work to paying your bills online, it helps us stay productive and juggle the growing work and personal demands we have in our daily lives.

Technology, often thought of as purely as a way for consumers to improve their productivity and quality of life, is seeping its way into other places saving time, driving innovation and helping to make our work selves more efficient, productive and more compliant in the human capital industry.

Technology found it’s home in human resources and human capital in the 1990’s offering candidate application and compliance storage making it easier for HR to store, organize and manage the growing requirements as an employer obligated under a number of US laws and governing agencies.

Over the last 30 years, human resources and recruiting technology has evolved beyond compliance to nearly ever facet of the hiring and employee life cycle. This adoption has grown in due part to workplace technology companies moving to the cloud allowing for instant access to company information, reporting and increased storage of data for the purposes of human capital and employees.

The most exciting innovations are happening in recruitment especially sourcing and hiring with the evolution of a number of key recruiting and selection technologies.
  • Video Interviewing. The benefit of video interviewing speaks for itself. This technology provides obvious cost reduction and time saving benefits. The technology provides candidates and recruiters increase selection for both parties.

  • Job Matching. As I mentioned, time management is a growing concern for recruiters who are increasingly managing more job requisitions and candidates for their job openings. Job matching technology makes it easier for qualified candidates to apply for jobs they are qualified for and allows qualified candidates to rise above. Click here to read more about job matching.

  • Candidate Assessments & Testing. Pre-employment assessment and skills testing are great ways to quickly determine if your candidate has the skills and knowledge to do the job. Company recruiting teams are drawn to these tests as they better qualify candidates. The key is that the testing needs to be customized to the job, the skills and knowledge required to do the job.

  • Candidate Sourcing. With the rise of social networks and the amount of information shared by candidates online, sourcing is an extremely beneficial way to research and engage candidates before they apply. The challenges with sourcing technology is finding accurate and relevant database in which to mine from as well as algorithms that aid in determining if the candidate’s activity and knowledge shared is a fit for your job opening.

  • Job Distribution. While relatively basic, job distribution is an important part of the social recruiting process. Companies reach job seekers a number of different ways such as content marketing, search engine optimization and the use of job feeds to distribute jobs to various channels either within an internal talent network or external network like social media. Job distribution will continue to evolve and become more targeted as the activity online and our reliance on social networks continues to grow.

  • Candidate Customization in the age of the Candidate Experience. Knowledge workers and highly sought after job seekers are in limited supply which makes the candidate experience even more important than ever before. Customized experiences using recruiting and HR technology can help elevate your company’s recruiting efforts and employment brand starting with specialized content marketing, video, documentation and photos that provide our candidates the best experience, messaging and information to woo them away from the competition.
The world is moving faster than ever before. Technology, inside as well as outside of the human capital industry is improving and the information available to our employees, customers and candidates is growing at a mind-boggling rate. Recruiting and hiring technologies like the above mentioned are helping to shape our future workplaces and providing recruiters and managers with improved resources and tools to help us succeed.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s an author who writes at Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @blogging4jobs

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