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Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Create Content and Community for Job Seekers That Means Something

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

As I mentioned in previous posts employment branding is everything in the new world of recruiting. Digital storytelling and content creation is the new key to engagement and relationships. The question is how do you anticipate the types of content, information and resources that your candidates are craving?

For Blogging4Jobs and the other clients I work with that we develop content for, I start by talking with my target audience either through a survey, phone calls or in person meetings. I want to gain insights in pain points they experience and the small but important things they point out as clarification or tools they need in their industry.

Three to four times a week, I talk to a handful of individuals who I consider my muses to make sure my new content is on par, it resonates with my audience and is appealing. Because in the world of content creation and digital storytelling, quality content matters but speed to publish and build is everything. Follow these three easy rules and you’ll be able to run a very successful community for job seekers.

Make the content useful.
When creating content for your job seekers community it’s important to create content that is actually useful to them. Have you hiring managers or recruiters deliver secrets about your company that a job seeker would actually need to sign in to get.

The benefit is you get their information and possibly a really good employee and they get insider tricks into how to obtain employment at your company. Don’t waste their time on information they can find anywhere are the web, they’ve signed up for your company for a specific purpose, to get a job at YOUR company.

Engage the job seeker.
If you find someone that could potentially be a good fit for your company, engage them! That’s what communities are for after all. You’ll spend less money and time courting a candidate if you’ve already built a firm relationship with them by engaging them in questions, comments, or concerns they have about the company. Be upfront and let them know the realities of your company culture and what it’s like to work at your company. The worst thing is hiring a new employee only for them to find out the complete opposite and quit.

Offer advice.
Did a job seeker recently apply for a job in your company that you see potential in, but they just didn’t make the cut with your superiors or colleagues? Take the time to offer them advice on the process and what they can do make the cut the next time around. Being supportive is what they job seeker is looking for. Whether it is a new grad who has no clue what’s going on or someone who has experience but interviews terribly. Offer advice and help develop the job seekers in your community.

If you offer advice, engage the job seeker, and create content that is worth the time of day you’ll have no problem with retaining the candidates in your pipeline and finding a perfect fit for an open job requisition.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s is the Chief Blogger & Founder of Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @jmillermerrell


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