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Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Priorities for Your 2015 Staffing Planning

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

It’s fall planning season where budgets are being submitted and the next year’s assignment, contracts and roles are being approved. This article will discuss 5 priorities recruiting team should consider as they plan their 2015 staffing plans and begin budgeting.

1) Create candidate pipelines. Using solutions like TalentCircles to create candidate pipelines will increase your chances of hiring high-leveled and engaged talent. Talent networks allow your recruiters and hr professionals the ability to send potential job candidates into one network that’ll allow you to source internally from those who have already displayed interested in your company. Instead of re-inventing the wheel and sourcing from outside pools try sourcing from candidates that have already been vetted and shown interest. You’ll not only get better results, but it’s a chance to really build your employer brand.

2) Focus on candidate targeting. Whether it’s social recruiting, job boards or PPC, your staffing plan should include plans to further engage the most qualified candidate communities wherever they might be. Consider niche boards, time sensitive campaigns and employment branding efforts to grow your talent network of available candidates to select long before you post your job opening. Think like a marketer and understand where your candidate is and how you can engaged and essentially pull them into your talent community for future communications.

3) Productivity. One of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle when it comes to gearing up for your 2015 staffing season is staying productive. You might have new challenges that arise or a higher number of candidates that you’re forecasting. Stay productive by making recruiters utilizing tools and processes that are already in place. If you have a higher forecast then previous years it’s important to learn how to scale these processes and keep things simple and productive.

4) Creativity. Finding talent is becoming more challenging and competitive than ever. Allow opportunities for team members to pitch and present new and fresh ideas to keep you ahead of your competitors when it comes to finding talent for open positions at your company.  Get out of the mindset of being a corporate drone and look at what smaller companies are doing because they usually have more fresh and unique opportunities, as their budgets are a lot smaller. Keep the creative juices flowing and let go a little when it comes to recruiting.

5) Analytics. It’s more important than ever to directly correlate your recruiting activities directly to the bottom line. First and foremost it’s important to understand the goals of the organization and how the recruiting efforts align with the priorities and growth projections at your company. The HR department has enough problems correlating what they do to the bottom line of your company. Using analytics is a sure way to help track monetary benefits of your hiring practices and retention rates. Once you’re able to prove financial worth from the Human Resources department companies will see the value in HR and start investing more time and energy into the department.

How are you planning for your 2015 planning season?

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is a workplace and technology strategist specializing in social media. She’s is the Chief Blogger & Founder of Blogging4Jobs. You can follow her on Twitter @jmillermerrell

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