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Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazing Grace: An Infographic to Inspire Young Women!

Ramya Gogineni is Marketing Manager at Udemy, a marketplace for online learning. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA Anthropology & MPH in 2008 and is on a mission: helping more women find their place in computer programming! 

By Ramya Gogineni @Ramicube

The stats around women in computing are dire. Only 12% of computing jobs in the US are held by women. The number of computer science graduates who are women today has decreased to 18%, compared to 37% in 1984. Yet demand for software developers is expected to grow between 28%-34% by 2020. 

We need more female voices in tech and the time is now. Let’s rediscover forgotten heroes like Admiral Grace Hopper, a true pioneer. She not only invented compilers but also what would eventually come to be COBOL, a computer programming language still in use today. 

I wanted to find a unique way to share the story of Grace Hopper and show everyone that women have always had a place in computer programming and are darn good at it. So I teamed up with artist Pablo Stanley and created a comic to inspire women to pursue careers in computer programming and technology. You can find the complete original comic over at Udemy, along with courses to learn computer programming. 


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