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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Staffing Trends Holding Strong in 2016

As we hit the halfway mark of 2016, these five staffing trends appear to be holding strong. So, if you’re not already focusing on them, it’s time to start.

·       Branding matters – A brand is more than a logo and an external appearance. Ultimately, it’s the identity of everything the company embodies. When you think about the purpose of your business, along with the core values and beliefs that drive it, you are getting at the heart of your brand. Candidates want to see that heart to determine if a company’s values and objectives are in line with their own. This is actually a good thing because it helps lay the groundwork for ensuring the candidate and company are a good match for each other. Once you’ve clearly defined your brand, you need to promote your business through social media and actively network and build relationships.  Whether you do it electronically or in person, be authentic and clear about what you believe in, and you’ll attract likeminded candidates and colleagues with whom you can build lasting alliances.

·       Revisiting the use of social media for recruiting – There’s no question that social media and online professional networks are necessities when it comes to a good recruiting strategy. But many employers and recruiters have taken a step back to reevaluate the way they’re using them. While placing hiring ads on popular social sites is still useful, staying on top of new developments and options within these sites can help you more effectively leverage social media. Focusing on niche community sites within an industry can get you in front of more relevant candidates. And, with each new in-app function the popular social sites come up with, there are more ways to engage with your audience. With a more sophisticated approach to social media, you can do things like create exceptionally targeted ads that will only appear when a user meets your specified criteria.

·       Struggling to find quality candidates – Unfortunately, plenty of recruiters and hiring managers are still seeing a skills gap and are having trouble finding good people. While the Internet has given us the ability to reach a larger number of potential candidates than ever before, there is a need to balance quantity and quality. With a good applicant tracking system you can determine which recruiting campaigns and efforts yield the best candidates. Recruitment analytics software can provide incredible insights for developing specialized recruiting campaigns that will get you not just quantity, but, most importantly, quality candidates.

·       Focus on passive candidates – Given the skills gap and the difficulty in finding qualified people to fill jobs, reaching passive candidates is more important than ever. Fortunately, it’s also easier than ever. In addition to traditional networking, which you should still be doing, social media networking provides a natural path for getting in front of people who aren’t actively looking for a new job but might be open to the possibility. Starting conversations based on shared interests, mentioning connections and building relationships is the key to filling your talent pool with strong candidates for current and future positions.

·       Investment in new technology – Without a doubt, if you haven’t replaced outdated recruiting practices and technologies with automated systems, you will struggle to stay in the game. The mountain of information now available to recruiters and hiring managers is a powerful asset in the hiring process, but it can also be overwhelming if you have to sort through all the data manually. That’s where applicant tracking or customer relations management systems come in. Being able to integrate all your information across a variety of platforms, and then easily search, organize and evaluate candidates isn’t a “nice to have” option, it’s a must have to compete in today’s market. Let technology organize data and crunch numbers while you bring the humanity to build relationships and make the best decisions.

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