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Friday, September 13, 2013

C#3 of Social Recruiting: Culture — your Core Values and Credibility

This post is part of a series describing the nine "Cs" that drive a successful social recruiting strategy and started with You do social sourcing. Now start your social recruiting strategy!
This week, we have discussed "C#1" Continuity and C#2 Consistency or the art of following-through your branding

As most social media gurus like to say, social media is about speaking with, not "at" people. It's not about pushing generic and bland statements that would define just any company. It's about telling people what's unique and exciting about you.

The primary purpose of your home page in your talent network is to offer a personal connection with your core values, to create the desire of being part of your world and or interacting with you.

The flexibility of TalentCircles allows you to upload videos or create new content about your company as often as you want. If it is compelling, your creativity may be a reason for your candidates to follow you more closely inside your talent network and invite their friends to show them how awesome you are.

You probably do not have a team of artists creating a new Google doodle every day, but you may have great employees who would love to share their story and speak about your company’s core values. The credibility of your talent network is dependent on the trust you instill. If your company really is a great place to work, your best spokespeople will be your employees!

Storytelling videos showcasing real people are an essential dimension of HR marketing. This is also what will entice the candidates in your network to share your jobs, speak about your events, or re-post your blog entries on their personal social networks.

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