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Friday, September 20, 2013

C#6 of Social Recruiting: Curation: Pre-recorded interviews/questionnaires

This post is part of a series describing the nine "Cs" that drive a successful social recruiting strategy and started with You do social sourcing. Now start your social recruiting strategy!

We have already discussed "C#1" Continuity, C#2 Consistency or the art of following-through your branding, C#3 Culture — your core values and credibility, C#4 Courtesy and Candidate Centricity, and C#5 Conversation — Live video screening and discussions.

Pre-recorded interviews provide enormous advantages when they are integrated within a fully-fledged talent engagement platform.

The traditional approach is to post a job and ask people to apply. By moving candidates directly from social sources to an ATS, you know that most of the people you have attracted will drop off because they do not want to deal with the hoops and loops of of your career site or your job application forms... and you’re skipping the crucial part of social recruiting, the ability to actually engage with candidates.

If you want to attract more people in your talent network, you may want to leverage the power of pre-recorded questionnaires. They are:
  • A powerful way to drive candidates from your social pages directly into your talent network.
  • The best mechanism to assess and qualify candidates for a job opening before they apply.

Here are a few simple steps:

Create a questionnaire

  • You can attach a questionnaire to each of your job postings inside or outside TalentCircles.
  • When you create a questionnaire, record a video description of the position for candidates to better understand the opportunity, and be able to see by themselves if they might be a fit or not.
  • Add a few questions of your choice for the candidates to answer.
  • Assign a value to score the responses (candidates do not see the scoring).

Attach a questionnaire to a job opening

  • You can attach the questionnaire to any job posting, anywhere.
  • You can share your job openings and your questionnaires on any public social network directly from TalentCircles.

The candidate's experience

  • To access the job description, candidates register into your network. They have no form to fill. They simply login with one of their social logins, and their profiles are automatically created.
  • They can immediately listen to the video description of the job and see the text description of the job (if you have included it).
  • Then they respond to your questions.


Lots of followers may respond. TalentCircles generates a report that you can sort by score. If 500 candidates responded, you are not swamped. You can identify the top performers easily.

Then, you can video interview the top performers, and send a message to the other responders to let them know that they are not being considered at this time.

This pre-applicant engagement strategy offers obvious benefits:
  • Not all candidates need to be applicants.
  • You can scale your engagement capabilities by an order of magnitude without being swamped.
  • Candidates are not sent into an "Apply" dark hole. Even if you reject them for the job, you can still make candidates feel like they’re being treated as people:

  1. They are in your network and will see other opportunities.
  2. You may source them for another position leveraging our job matching capability.
  3. They can become champions and ambassadors by sharing your events, jobs and blog posts to their friends.


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