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Friday, September 27, 2013

C#9 of Social Recruiting: Compute — The Candidate Engagement Index™

This post is part of a series describing the nine "Cs" that drive a successful social recruiting strategy and started with You do social sourcing. Now start your social recruiting strategy!

We have already discussed:
 C#1 Continuity,
C#2 Consistency or the art of following-through your branding,
C#3 Culture — your core values and credibility,
C#5 Conversation — Live video screening and discussions and
C#6 Curation — Pre-recorded interviews/questionnaires
C#7 Content Marketing — Addressing real people
C#8 Conversion — Socializing applicants in corporate repositories

Today, the qualitative ROI of being social is obvious to any company. In truth, if you are not social, the risks for your organization to come across as outdated are very high: "The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2015 millennials will overtake the majority representation of the workforce and by 2030 this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce."

Active and passive job seekers are out on all the major public social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and their number increases every year. It's not an option to avoid being social: Social sourcing is a must for companies because they need to engage with people where they are.

Now that social sourcing is just for everybody, how will you stand out? You will if you cultivate excellence in your social recruiting network.

Using TalentCircles, your social sourcing efforts become measurable social recruiting results and allow you to fine-tune your engagement strategy on social networks. It's critical for you to measure your Talent Engagement Index™, which is the percentage of active or passive candidates who join from public social networks into your private network.

Because TalentCircles tracks about 350 data points, you can measure how you execute on your social recruiting plan and establish guidelines as well as goals: This is your Candidate Engagement Index™.

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